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Awkward by Chris Klein

Awkward by Chris Klein

A parody perfume add that was, for some reason, banned by YouTube for “Mature and Sexually Explicit Content.” If you’re not following KQ you are wrong https://www.facebook.com/kristenquintrallofficial?hc_location=stream


The Eggplant Diaries: Superman

The Eggplant Diaries: Superman

There’s no description suitable for this…

The Eggplant Diaries: Robin Williams Goes to the Beach

The Eggplant Diaries: Robin Williams Goes to the Beach

My cartoon that pretty much describes how I feel about Robin Williams…

Free Will Discussion Video

Check out my Free Will Discussion video on X-tra Normal which was made from an actual Facebook discussion with an person trying to convince me that “God” gave us free will.

Video 1